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On this page I am going to add different website links and information. Please feel free to look through the links and use the information.
Links and phone numbers.
DVLA - Click here or on the DVLA symbol to access information on applying for provisional licence or medical info.
0772 35 35 100
DSA - Click here link or on the DSA symbol to access their website where you can book your theory or practical tests. Also any additional information i.e. test fees.
YouTube - DSA have uploaded videos on learning to drive. Click here for the link to a video clip of the independent driving.
Facebook group page- How to pass your driving test in Portsmouth - Information and tips.

Driving test booking phone number:
Help calm driving test nerves - try Sean Grey's tapping method: Click here.
Help with passing Theory Test - register with Theory Test Pro for FREE training and practise tests: Click here.